Monday, January 4, 2010

I want give thanks to Cynthia for inspiring to start blogging. This will be place for all to get to know me and my crazy life.First of all I am Christan and devoted to Jesus with my whole heart,second I am wife to my husband Mike and third I am mom of three boyz. I have RSD(reflex sympathetic dystrophy) and Fibromyalgia.I was diagnosed with RSD almost 7 years ago and the fibro almost a year now.Here I will be blogging about many things in my life, educate people on chronic illness, praising Jesus and posting my poems and thoughts. I hope to bring people together and reach and give support to others who are silently suffering.Know one should have to deal with chronic pain alone.Thanks to Fb I no longer am alone in this battle.My hope,my strength I find in one place and that is My Savior Jesus Christ.
I live in Soquel, California and have my whole life.My boyz are Michael 13, Gregory 11, Joshua 8...these are my 3 reason to keep going everyday.I love my family,cooking and just started getting in mosaics recently and finding very good therapy for me.I been with my hubby since I was 16 and he is my best friend. On another blog I will tell you how we met, it is so funny.
It 11pm laying next my snoring hubby and coughing 8 yr.old trying to find a comfortable place in this bed...the joys of motherhood,but I do love it.
Much Love and Gentle Hugs Rachel

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  1. I hope that you find blogging as therapeutic as I have, Rachel! Along with the amazing support on facebook, blogging has helped to get me through many of the hard times :)