Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Boyz

I have three wonderful boys who are my world,Michael Jr.13,Gregory 11 and Joshua 8.I am very blessed to have my boys,after my last son I had to have a complete hysterectomy at 26 years old.If I didn't have my three little oops as early as I did ,I wouldn't have them.God always knows what He is doing.My oldest son Michael Jr. fell 15 feet when he was 2 years old,it has affected him in life with learning disabililities.He is still a very loving and helpful son.He is talented in drawing,loves anything to do with sports.This year for him in school he has made many amazing improvments.I am very proud of him.I and his dad never allowed his disabililty to be a excuse for anything,always pushed him to the best he can be.My middle son Gregory has had his own health issues as a baby too.He was a premature baby,being 6 weeks early.When Gregory was 6 weeks old he stopped breathing in my husbands arms,thankful my husband quick respone to cpr on him,he still with us.That started a year and half of being sick and in out of the hostipal.He had RSV and other lung,ear infections.In total by the time Gregory was two he had over 50 ear infections.He is also a loving and caring child.He enjoys playing outside and doing anything with his dad.Gregory still gets sick pretty easily,last year he missed almost three months school due to mononucleosis.My last son Joshua aka small fry was also a premature baby.When he was 8 weeks old he developed a very high fever that wouldn't go down and end up in the hostipal.We then found out that he had spinal meningitis,he was in the hostipal for almost 2 months.Now he is a active and very funny kid.Joshua is a very socail always hanging out with his friends.He can throw a football like you couldn't belive for such a little guy, also talented in art too.Well thats a little bit about my boyz.
I am grateful for boyz,since I have been sick there life has changed so much.I am not as active as I was years ago.We all have had to find ways for me still to do stuff with my boyz,that doesn't drain my engery.They have had to adapt to life with a disabled mom.We can't do "all" the things that there other friends sometimes do.They also have to help out in our home probaly more then the average kid would have too.I am grateful that 90% of time they do it and understand why mom is bed or laying down.I and Mike have always been open with everything,never hiding anything and educating to the best we can.In a other blog,I am going to take the time to interview each one them,so that we can hear there perspective on having a disabled mom.When you are struck with a disabililty it effects the whole family in ways sometimes we don't even know.I hope my boyz thoughts will be able to help another family.
Much Love and Gentle Hugz Rachel

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